Thursday, October 19, 2006

Greetings from Amritsar

Satnam Jio!


This blog is an avenue for me to share my thoughts and experiences from being in Amritsar. My trip to Amritsar is for 2 months, and with every passing day I feel that it is too short by eternity!

Some weeks have passed already, and so far I have been sharing my thoughts via e-mails to my friends and family, until some friends suggested that I compile all my e mails onto a blog format.

Note to the reader: this blog has a short life span and I'm not very regular. Also, you may already have read some posts on Gurumustuk's blog ( I suppose this blog is just a page to call my own and to jot down my musings, and in the future it will be a sweet memory of my time here.

May the Blesings of Guru Ram Das be with you.

With love,
Hari Kiren Kaur

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